Las Vegas Celebrating Thanksgiving!

While the weather may not be all that warm there is definitely a warm feeling in the air on the Las Vegas strip as visitors and venues prepare for tomorrows day of rest and thanks! The city will be celebrating thanksgiving with the rest of the country and there are many that flew into the city of lights simply to enjoy the vacation and gobble on some turkey while they are at it.

The weather is fair for this time of year and many have opted to either meet their friends or family or both for a little get together in Las Vegas or perhaps they are students that are taking some time away from school and enjoying some r and r and a little bit of partying in this great city.

The buffets in the city will be filled with many menu items that are directly out of a thanksgiving cook book! Those that are craving a little bit of turkey, some stuffing some delicious desserts and anything else on the thanksgiving menu will be sure to get it at the many buffets in the city as well as some very top of the line restaurants that offer the thanksgiving menu with a twist for the more selective palate.

There will be many things to do, many people on the streets and the regular traditional Las Vegas activities to enjoy! So remember to leave room for dessert and have a great time enjoy this very festive time of year in a great city!

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