Las Vegas Comes in First as the Poker Capital

In a survey taken by gamblers that play poker at least once a week, Las Vegas was crowned as the poker capital of the world. While this may not come as a big surprise it was a bit surprising to those people in the UK and Europe as they were lead to believe that poker was quite a popular game among the British and the European so they were thinking that the home of poker maybe closer to their home turf.

When taking the survey players were asked what city they thought of first when gambling in general came to mind, and again Vegas came in, in first place. Monaco and Macau were a close second and Atlantic City was also somewhere on the list.

Poker players said that while tournaments often occur abroad and on cruises and also in a remote warm location such as somewhere in the Caribbean, Vegas is still the first place that comes to mind when you think of anything that is gambling related.

Poker tournaments of the largest calibre are about to be in season as the WSOP and the WPT are around the corner. The tournaments place high among the favourites for poker players all around the world.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas and looking to catch a game most casinos on the strip offer a poker room for players to play in and often times there are posted tournaments that poker players can sign up for and participate in.

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