Las Vegas Convention Center Picks Up

The Las Vegas convention center has been rather slow in the summer months but this summer is a bit different. The convention center seems to be hosting one event after the next. And this does not come as a surprise since there is obviously a lack of income in the city of Las Vegas and the city is doing everything it can to drive traffic inwards.

The majority of the eastern states and other places in North America have showed to have a rather colder than expected summer which has also helped Vegas to draw some summer visitors. And while traffic is not nearly as high as it has been in previous years it is still picking up at a steady pace.

The mayor of Las Vegas was recently asked for his predictions on the recession and what will become of the lively city of Las Vegas. The answer was positive but not completely clear, the mayor said that the next few months will really test the endurance of the city and people will likely need to keep Vegas in mind when planning a vacation to make sure that the economy of the city stays afloat.

He closed his statements by saying that Vegas is a city that counts on the travel and tourism sector quite heavily to drive their economy so the more people that keep planning their Vegas vacation the better the chances of the city coming out of this okay and stronger than before.

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