Las Vegas Convention Dilemma

Las Vegas hotel and casinos are about to run into a slight dilemma as some of their biggest conventions and events are focused around the telecommunications industry. The newest buzz on the street is how capable technology has become and how intuitive some applications are with regards to helping players increase their odds when playing in a casino.

If the Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos are going to take any sort of action with regards to forbidding PDA and other mobile telephone devices in their casinos, they will have to consider the type of conventions that are being held in Las Vegas and the type of people that visit these conventions.

Chances are more than 90% of their current visitors currently use some sort of mobile communication device so fully forbidding carrying this type of device in a casino is likely not an option. The casino will have to think of some sort of other solution to their new found problem that could potentially cost them some money.

The casinos are currently saying that this is not going to pose a big problem and they trust that players will just turn off their communication devices while at the tables as they have done in the past and that they will continue to operate as they previous have done.

It is only a matter of time that technology gets so advanced that it will have to be stopped from manipulating the outcome of games that used to be plain and simple fun for all to enjoy without having to worry about what the guy next to you might have up their sleeve or in their pocket.

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