Las Vegas Expecting Busy Weekend for American Thanksgiving!

Las Vegas is planning to recoup some of their losses in the next few weeks as the city gets ready to welcome those visitors that are coming in from other states to celebrate the holiday of thanksgiving! There will be plenty to do there that week and weekend and hotel rooms are booking up already so if you are planning to travel to Las Vegas and stay on the strip better book soon!

The hotels are seeing that the week of Thanksgiving will be a busy one. Many plan to stay at home and cook the big old turkey but others are using this time to get away for a little while and enjoy a mini vacation to the city of lights and gambling! There are some good deals to take advantage of but the prices are starting to go up already as it looks like it may actually be a sold out weekend!

There is also something important to note for all you deal hunters out there. The day after thanksgiving is called black Friday, that Friday is probably the busiest shopping day of the year and there are many good deals to be had! You can shop all the great stores on the strip and buy luxury items at a fraction of the cost that they would cost on a regular basis. But remember to book really soon as the hotel rooms and the deals are running out!

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