Las Vegas Getting Ready to Give A Spook!

Halloween is this weekend and everyone is feeling the Halloween spirit! At least that is surely something that can be said for the Las Vegas strip as there are many events set to be gearing up for the evening of the spooky night. Las Vegas celebrates Halloween a little differently than the regular folks around the rest of the world. As there will likely be few trick or treaters, and many more adults than children around.

Las Vegas does Halloween twenty one and older style! Which means lots of parties, lots of hot costumes and lots of alcohol, there will be quite a few events happening over the weekend and even more so than the year before because Halloween falls on a Saturday making it much easier to get something organized!

The Las Vegas strip will be the place to be and will surely have some very famous guests as well as Hollywood stars have been known to head to Vegas for this type of weekend especially if there is a good party in town. Stars like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and other rock and roll celebrities always that Vegas is the best place for a party and a good time!

So where should you plan to go the night of? Well we are just in the process of finding out about the best parties on the block and exactly who will be where. As soon as we are privy to this information we will let you know as well so keep checking back for an update!

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