Las Vegas Heating Up

Perhaps Las Vegas traffic is still on the slower side but the weather in Las Vegas keeps getting better and better. For the last few weeks the sun has been showing up and making the patios and the strip quite an exciting place to be rather than the regular indoor locations.

The forecast looks good for the next ten days and is sure to only get warmer from then on. Temperatures are set to be in the mid to high 90’s for the next few days and then moving to the 100’s in the days to follow.

Hotels are offering special promotions since the pools are now open and in full swing. People are getting out and spending much more time outside.

Several hotels have even opened blackjack tables and other gambling facilities on their outdoor grounds so that those that want to enjoy the nice weather can also do a little gambling while they enjoy the outdoors.

Remember to book your trip to Las Vegas in the next little while because prices for trips are still low and rates are sure to go up as the hotels tend to be much busier when the weather is nice bright and sunny.

And even if staying outside is not your thing the tables are still waiting for you and the drinks are flowing if you plan to spend time inside and enjoy everything that the hotels and casinos have to offer.

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