Las Vegas Hotel Project Continues Despite Recession

Getting away to Las Vegas has always been a great idea and renting a time share in Las Vegas is now easier and more accessible than ever. While most companies seem eager to cut costs and enable some sort of across board cost savings the Marriot is planning and continuing with their expansion of the timeshare condo villas just of the strip in Las Vegas.

The hotel and resort which is mostly made up of time share units plans to double in size this year and says there are plans to break ground in the next few months. The company reports that despite the recession, the Las Vegas properties are the most lucrative and happen to bring in the most income for the company within the US timeshares.

Many Las Vegas projects that were in the plans for the past several years have come to a strict halt from orders from senior management and this has created a serious financial situation in Las Vegas as many of the cities jobs are focused around the entertainment and travel industries making construction and function of the hotels a major part of the economy.

The news of Marriot continuing the project and planning on doubling the physical structure brings a glimpse of hope for the construction workers and other property staff throughout the city. IF this project does turn out to be as lucrative as projected than perhaps other companies will see the light and also reinstate the original plans for projects that they had hoped for previously.

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