Las Vegas Mayor Makes Some Serious Guarantees

The Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman made several serious promises in an address to the city this week. He said that it is almost a guarantee that the economy will bounce back and that the city of Las Vegas will be just as vibrant and profitable as it once was not so long ago.

He recognized that current economic times are currently going through a very hard time and that Las Vegas surely felt the blow as it is largely a city that counts on visitors to keep the economy flowing and looks to tourist for most of the life and activity that the city has.

The mayor urged the companies and corporations within the city to stay focused and keep projects that were previously planned to keep moving if at all possible. He mentioned that many cities have experienced job losses and shortened budgets but said that if we continue with a downward spiral than the things can only get worse.

If renovations continue to happen and new hotels and business continue to come up as planned than things can only get better and more people will come back to Vegas once again.

The mayor did say that he is looking at the situation in an optimistic light but wishes that everyone could just be a little more positive about the situation which they are faced with. The only thing to do is keep spirits up and keep moving the city forward. Before we know it everything will be back to normal and good times will reign again!

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