Las Vegas Mayor Requests Apology

The Las Vegas mayor has expressed that he feels like he and the city are owed an apology from new president Obama for the his recent speech and address to corporate America with regards to spending the tax payers dollars on trips to Las Vegas.

In a speech made earlier this week the president made a clear point in discussing that desperate times call for desperate measures and companies simply cannot be spending money, especially the tax payers dollars on things such as private jets, trips to Las Vegas or off sites to the Super Bowl.

After a corporate bail out from the government for several businesses, financial and others, the president was clear that the money should not be spent on any lavish gallivanting but only on strategy to recoup all losses.

Since the beginning of January several trips that companies had planned to Las Vegas have been cancelled in an effort to appear professional and deserving of the helpful hand. However, the mayor of Las Vegas is saying that the president’s comments and suggestions are simply outrageous and that any convention that can take place in any other state and city can surely take place in Las Vegas as well.

The mayor really believes that Obama must apologize to the city and remit his comments. Las Vegas has long been the convention and meeting destination for many companies all throughout North America and since most of the cities income streams from travel and tourism having the president suggest that it is not a respectful business destination is not helping the economy in the slightest.

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