Las Vegas New Years: A Big Success

With the economy down, travel slow and tourism at its lowest levels, many feared that the Las Vegas New Years Eve party would leave much to be desired.

The city of Las Vegas is happy to say that they were totally wrong and very pleasantly surprised. Las Vegas officials are saying that with hotel prices at the lowest they have been in a long time throughout almost any destination on the strip and airfare following a similar pattern, New Years in Las Vegas turned out to be a big hit.

Nearly 300,000 people had landed and spent the last hours of 2008 in Las Vegas and were very happy to do so. With events throughout the entire city and deals that simply couldn’t be beat, it was easy for the amount of people that were staying in the city to out number that of how many people turned out last year.

Many said with all the troubles that 2008 brought financially, they were happy to gather the finances that they have left and enjoy a nice trip to Las Vegas. With all the troubles that 2008 had brought to the country and the economy, many were happy to say goodbye to the old year and are happy to welcome 2009 with hopes of much better and brighter things for the future.

With plenty of entertainment, shows and excitement offered throughout the strip and the city visitors were happy to celebrate and ring in the New Year with their friends, family and just simply a bunch of good times to be had.

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