Las Vegas Pays Out in a Big Way

Vegas certainly hears of many success stories but probably many more unsuccessful ones. This time we have good news to report as one player playing a slot machine at one of the older casinos has struck it rich by winning the jackpot of a not so shabby 5 million dollars.

The player won the jackpot on the wheel of fortune slot machine playing the one dollar machine at two dollars per spin. The player is a US resident and will have to pay taxes on his winnings but says nevertheless this prize money will change the life of him and his family to an extent that they would never believe.

The player said him and his wife were vacationing in the city when they stumbled upon this machine and hit it big time. The casino is happy to present the man and his wife with this life changing cheque. The player said that he will surely make this an annual trip to Las Vegas and plans to bring family and friends along for the trip next time around.

The player said that he will be paying off a lot of debt, buying a new home and spending much more time with friends and family since he will no longer have some of the worries that he has gotten so used to. It will be a great change he said and he plans to enjoy every minute of it and has the city of Las Vegas and Wheel of Fortune to thank for it all!

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