Las Vegas Plans to Extend Monorail

The Las Vegas Monorail project that is built through Bombardier Transportation has decided to extend the contract with the company and keep them on board for further expansion for the next five years and $58 million dollars worth of business for the Transportation company that also specializes in subway systems throughout the world as well as airplane and other large machinery construction.

The Monorail currently runs a short 3.9 mile trip making several stops throughout the strip. There are only several places to board the monorail. The new project has plans for potentially extending the route of the train to the Las Vegas McCarran Airport in hopes of offering a service that is at a reduced rate from the current bus and cab fares that are currently the only form of transportation from the airport short of renting your own vehicle.

The train is a self operated fully automated machine that does not require a driver to run the operation. It is important to note that while no driver is present it is a fully monitored transportation vehicle and there is always someone present should a question or an unexpected situation arise.

The monorail has proved useful especially in times where the city is experiencing several conventions happening at the same time with line ups for taxi’s running in waiting times that run well over an hour. And while the monorail has only a few stops one of the most important stops is located directly near the convention center allow visitors to just jump on and arrive at there destination much sooner than they would if they were to wait in line for a cab.

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