Las Vegas Plans to Make Some Financial Savings

If there is anything that is true about Vegas it is that you don’t really associate Vegas with SAVING! There is certainly a lot of lavish spending but savings isn’t something that really comes to mind anytime that you think about Las Vegas or anything remotely associated with it. Well it seems like that is all about to change- if it hasn’t started to already?

The new plans for all the major hotels and casinos of the Las Vegas strip seem to have a similar tune and strategy plan for the next ten years at a minimum. And for the first time in a long time that strategy does not involve anything to do with spending. In fact, the idea is the complete opposite. The spending needs to stop and the saving and strategies need to move forward.

The focus for the last few years was building new, bigger and better hotels and casinos and launching the biggest new place to one up the guy that did it last. Well many are saying that this is what got so many hotel and casinos in Vegas in trouble and has them to their last hair in debt. The plan now is to focus efforts on marketing and some serious customer retention and loyalty management to keep people coming back at a constant rate rather than tearing down a building and putting up a shinier one.

Does this mean that everything gets dated? Absolutely not, the hotels will still be beautiful and well maintained and updated regularly but the building and million dollar investment projects into new developments will have to come to an end for at least the next little while. The plan to save may actually be one that yields a much better return. Only time will tell.

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