Las Vegas Pools

If one thing is for sure than its that summer has come to Las Vegas. With temperatures in the 40’s (that is Celsius) and the dry Vegas air everyone is looking for a way to cool off and perhaps get a great tan while they are at it!

Well there if you are visiting Las Vegas during the summer months then you should surely consider checking out all the swimming pools that the Vegas hotels have to offer their visitors. And if you are a Vegas local than grabbing a day pass to the pools is also an option if you are looking for a fun way to cool off.

There are so many great places to check out! Starting from the manmade beach at the THEhotel which is located at the south end of the strip to the luxurious pools at the Wynn where you may even run into a celebrity or two catching some rays.

The pools are packed this time of year as those visiting Las Vegas actually step outside the casino doors to soak in the sun so make sure to have your swimsuit ready and wear lots of sunscreen as the days are HOT!

If you happen to forget your swimwear, purchasing some won’t be a problem at all as all the hotels have some shops that offer a great selection in swimwear and you are sure to find a great little number that you will wear again! Pool hopping is always a fun adventure in Las Vegas so if you are planning to check out the pools in the area make sure to see a few at a minimum.

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