Las Vegas Sands Bites another Bullet

Everything was supposed to change with the new government in power. The stock market had actually looked like it was on the way up after the inauguration and the morning bell had a more promising ring. But things are now dropping back into the pattern that had established itself previously.

The Las Vegas Sands has experienced some of the worst down turns in history.
Currently the stock is trading at a very low 4.06 dollar mark and has no evident promise of returning back to its once over hundred dollar point. To that end there seems to be nothing but gloom in sight for the company all together as layoffs continue and Vegas all together continues to dry out.

The economy always largely affects the companies associated with travel and tourism but this time around seems to have affected Las Vegas much more than ever before.

All Vegas based casino stocks have lost immense amounts on the stock markets and are just losing more and more.

The plans to expand any casinos have all come to a complete halt and any expansions that are currently under way have almost all stopped in their tracks. People are spending less and the blow is definitely being felt.

This is affecting sister companies throughout the world as well. The expansion of the casino in Asia has also slowed down and the American led growth halt is being experienced there as well. All in all if you were thinking of a casino stock as a good investment perhaps now is the time to give that another thought.

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