Las Vegas Sands Gets Recommended by Financial Analysts

Destinations worldwide are now starting to look at casinos as a possible source of income for their cities, cities that previously have laws against gambling are turning their heads to the negative elements and thinking about how much tourism and money these activities actually bring into an economy.

That is part of the reason why many current financial analysts are giving a buy recommendation to the LVS Corp. While predictions are lowers than before with regards to how well the group of Las Vegas Sands hotels and casinos will actually perform this year the future of the hotels is still quite bright.

The new hotel that will be in Singapore this year is expected to be one of the most visited and perhaps the most lucrative casino and hotel in the world so if that doesn’t make the stock just a bit hotter it is not likely that anything else will.

The Las Vegas Sands group have been experiencing some serious difficulties in the last few months. They have had to lay off several hundred employees due to the economic times and have had to restructure their finances as well as their plans for construction for the year of 2009. However, the landscape is starting to look a little brighter as the hotel in Macau is remaining very popular and still bringing in a sufficient profit.

Many hotels and casinos have lost cash flow in the recent downturn in the economy but as history will tell they usually re-establish themselves and bounce back to be even stronger than they were in the past. Hopefully the same will be the case this time around and all those that are holding interest in casinos will see the benefit once again.

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