Las Vegas Sands in the News Again

It seems that LVS (Las Vegas Sands) group is in the news just a little more than they would like these days. And unfortunately for the company that used to be worth billions the news is not good news this time around as well. The Las Vegas Sands Corp along with almost every other hotel and casino operator in Las Vegas and the US continues to feel the wrath of the economic downturn.

The Las Vegas Sands stock is currently at its lowest point of two dollars and sixteen cents ($2.16) which is the lowest it has ever hit. The financial analysts are optimistic in suggesting that the stock will bounce back slightly throughout this year to net out at 7.00 towards the end of the year. But that is merely a prediction and not at all fact as about six months ago when the stock was at 9 dollars the predictions were that they stock would rise to a minimum of 40 dollars and that has yet to happen and the predictions have changed in completely the reverse direction.

There are also other things than just the North American economy that are hindering the performance of the company and the stock, the restrictions on visa requirements and registrations have been tighter and more difficult lately and so further the projects that were set for the last 12 months in Macau have come to a complete halt.

The senior management says that they are optimistic that things will change and turn around and that their share holders shouldn’t lose hope and continue to hold shares in the company for the promise of times to come in the somewhat near future.

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