Las Vegas Sands Showing Signs of Bounce Back

The Owner and CEO of LVS Group – Las Vegas Sands has announced earlier this week that he has set out a very good possibility for a financing plan to recommence hotel and casino projects in both the US and Macau.

There were several projects on the go before the financial crisis began last year. There was a project in that was started in Pennsylvania, another in Las Vegas, and 2 major projects in Macau. All 4 were put on complete hold when the stock began to drop drastically and the economy overall was facing a recession.

All of the projects coming to a complete halt resulted in over 10,000 job loses throughout the US and Macau.

CEO- Sheldon Adelson says that he is confident that all the planned projects will come back to life, resume, complete and be successful ventures all in the very near future.

Adelson himself has been largely affected by the downfall of his company and his wealth. He was previously the 3rd richest man in 2007 with a net worth of 28 Billion US Dollars, he is now considered to be worth 3.4 Billion Dollars, which isn’t bad but doesn’t scale in comparison to two years prior.

It is not clear exactly what will be done to get the financial help that is needed to re-start the projects and get them moving again. But analysts are thinking that the LVS Corp will likely have to sell off some part of the project in Macau or some of the retail land there.

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