Las Vegas Sands Stock Getting Very Close to Rock Bottom

The LVS (which stands for Las Vegas Sands) stock seems to be getting closer and closer to hitting rock bottom and perhaps even facing the unpredictable bankruptcy. While that is not for sure and only the guess of some analysts in the industry it seems so very hard to believe. Visiting the LVS hotels in Vegas being the Venetian and the newer tower called the Palazzo one would never say that the hotel looks even the slightest bit unpopulated. But the stock exchange doesn’t lie; the company is facing tougher times than ever before.

This time last year the LVS ticker was surely beyond the one hundred dollar mark while the same time this year the amount is lucky if it breaks the four dollar mark. Traders initially gave the company a buy recommendation as the predictions when the stock really fell back in September were that it would sooner than later go up to a minimum of forty dollars. Now the recommendation is simply a modest hold. Those that are optimists are happy that at least it’s not a sell recommendation.

Whether or not the stock goes up or down the hotel upper level management and executive team are doing everything that is possible in their power to turn the company around and create as much business as possible in this rough economic time. Cutting costs and making adjustments where absolutely necessary and possible are first on the list of improvements to make in order for the company to function at a gain rather than a loss.

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