Las Vegas Wynn Hotel To Be TV Show Stage

The Wynn hotel and Casino in Las Vegas maybe the next backdrop for a new sports series called Survive and Advance which will be hosted by former basketball coach Bob Knight and co hosted by sports analyst Billy Packer.

The funny thing about all the hype is that while this show is being recorded at one of the swankiest hotels in Las Vegas there will no gambling focus whatsoever involved with these programs. The show will air five separate one hour episodes and will not be taped in any area of the casino that shows any type of gambling nor will it take place in any location that sports gambling and betting occurs in.

While this show will center around the NCAA the promise remains that gambling will not at all have any light in relation to any discussion on the sport and the Wynn will simply be there to stage a beautiful backdrop.

It seems that the NCAA has had issues with gambling in the past and it is not a good idea to have a show like this even if it would just tempt young college students and athletes to place a bet. There seems to be an inconsistency with the zero gambling rules that the association holds and the idea of having a show like this run out of the Wynn in Las Vegas.

This show will run during March Madness which falls in line with Spring break for college students throughout the US. The students often head to Las Vegas for the break and many place a wager on their favourite team at the time!

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