Last Chance to Catch Elton John in Las Vegas

The Elton John concert entitled “The Red Piano” will be going on the Las Vegas stage for the last time this coming April. The exact date of the last show will be April 22nd 2009. Elton John will be performing his concert for the last time as he has not resigned with Caesars Palace.

The Red Piano show began in February of 2004 and has been a hit show ever since its first stage performance. The show was originally scheduled for just seventy five performances in total. Elton John had resigned the deal and extended it on by way over the 75 original shows.

The total amount of shows that will occur once the last show goes on stage will be just under 250. The show has been a hit with Elton John fans all throughout the world. People have travelled far and wide to come visit Vegas and attend the musical like concert.

Caesars Palace reports that there is currently no exact plans of a replacement for the show and although they are in the process of searching for one. It is unclear of what or who is being targeted to be the next performance but the hotel promises to reveal who will be booked into the spot once that is determined and confirmed.

Elton John representatives report that he does not plan to book any other long term engagements and will likely take a least a year off of any recording or concert booking. To get tickets and catch him while he is still in concert please visit the ticket office or contact the hotel directly.

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