Lindsay Lohan In Las Vegas

The actress and singer that has been seen all over tabloids in the last few months is making yet another appearance. Several sources have said that Lindsay Lohan approached the director of an upcoming show which will be on stage at the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino. The show will be titled the “Peepshow” and Lohan is interested in taking part front and center.

It seems as though Lindsay Lohan is determined to get some attention no matter the quality: Good or Bad. Either she is just looking to be noticed or the ones noticing her are making a complete deal out of nothing at all. Many believe that it is very likely that she is the one that is fueling the fire.

Nobody is quite sure whatever happened to the cute little girl that appeared as two separate twin characters on the parent trap over ten years ago.

Lilo joining the show would likely pick up traffic and ticket sales for the Planet Hollywood show and generate more revenue for the casino and restaurants within the hotel.

Other members of the shows cast currently include two previous members of the Dancing with the Stars cast. The show is rumored to be rather tame. However, the part that Lilo is rumored to be going for requires her to strip until she is in the bare minimum as part of the performance.

This is likely all very good news for Las Vegas. We are just not sure if it’s good news or bad news for Lindsay Lohan and her not so wholesome image these days.

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