Long Weekend in Las Vegas

There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas this long weekend. And all though there are many options for visitors it is the visitors that are lacking. The city has said that while traffic has been up compared to last month there is still plenty of room for more visitors as occupancy in the many hotels is no where near full.

Looking to make a last minute reservation? Call the hotel ahead and ask them for any special last minute deals that they may have available because often times they will do what they can just to fill up the hotel a little more than they have currently.

While the deals are great there are a few events in the city this weekend so it is more expensive than it has been in recent times. There are also several hotels that claim to be doing better and are saying that they can justify the higher prices for the time being.

If you are looking for things to do make sure that you check out the booths that offer last minute tickets for shows and concerts and live theatre because you can often save more than fifty percent of the retail ticket price just by buying your ticket last minute. If you are a fan of getting the best seats in the house you may want to buy in advance but if you don’t care that you are a few rows back then this will absolutely be a good choice for you! Enjoy!

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