Low Rates May Not Last Forever

Great deals to Las Vegas have been quite the buzz in recent times. It seems that you can have a modest or not so modest weekend in Las Vegas for half of the cost that it has been in times past and the hotels are happy to throw in bonus packages and all the luxuries for just a quarter of the price. Of course hotels are likely banking on the fact that most visitors will be spending money at the table and the rest of the gambling facilities where the casino makes the majority of their money anywhere.

However, with the new proposed tax increase on hotel room rates the ideas of staying at a hotel for almost free will quickly disappear. The tax increase is a suggested 3 percent making hotel taxes as high as 13 percent. If the changes do take affect they are going to do so in a few months starting with the month of July.

So if you were considering a stay in Las Vegas at a low rate without extra fees and costs associated with the room rate than it may be a good idea to get to Vegas within the next few months to follow in the next little while.

The projected revenue from the taxes will go directly to benefit the city and state and the projections show that the new taxes will yield roughly $233 million within the first and second year of the implementation.

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