LVS Stock Climbing Back

While it is definitely an extremely long way before the Las Vegas Sands stock comes back anywhere remotely close to where it was at over the past few years. The stock is seeing a bit of a glimmer of hope in that it has doubled since it hit what appeared to be rock bottom last week at just over one dollar.

Today the stock is at $3.10 and seems to be climbing. The company as a whole is not doing exceptionally amazing but they are reporting that the hope to see a sufficient bounce back by the end of the fourth quarter this year.

The Las Vegas Sands company is not the only one that is hoping for a turnaround sometime this year. Financial analysts are reporting that they are likely to expect some sort of a recovery for the economy all together. While there are no promises to be made about a bounce back to where we were last year there is a strong possibility that there will be a drive in the right direction.

Travel and tourism is an industry that has been hit really hard. But Las Vegas seems to be feeling an extreme blow. The city is currently offering almost anything to get people in. The hotel deals are amazing and having a good time in rather expensive city is seemingly cheap these days.

If you are looking to travel to Vegas in the next little while, keep an eye out for deal and sign up for email notifications as there are many offerings happening all the time.

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