MGM Workers Back to Work

While construction has been slower these last few months (and everyone has noticed) it seems as though MGM has come to an agreement which is putting MGM construction workers back to work.

Projects that have been on hold for a long time and work that has been much overdo is finally getting some attention again.

The MGM Corporation was happy to come to an agreement which made sure that while employees would be back at work for the hotel and casino company, they were aware that raises would not be up for negotiation until summer 2010 at the earliest.

Casino and hotel operators throughout Las Vegas are all facing similar challenges as to making decisions which will greatly affect the outcome of their future for the next while to follow. Should they run themselves further in debt and continue finishing the projects that they started? Or should they cut their losses and put a stop to all the started projects and then move forward only once true financing for the projects is secures.

It is almost a double edged sword situation. While the hotels need to complete projects to appear more presentable and entice visitors to continue to make reservations and keep coming over they still need to control the spending especially in tough economic times that they country is facing.

In the meantime hotels are offering promotions that Vegas has not seen in a long time and rates that appear cheaper than ever. If you were planning to book a trip to Las Vegas, now is certainly a good time to do so!

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