More Hotels Could Mean Longer Recession in Las Vegas

Everyone loves a new hotel to check out or a new destination to visit for shopping and restaurants. But when a city such as Las Vegas is already experiencing quite the short when it comes to visitors, restaurant goers and shoppers opening some new hotels can actually be a bad thing for the ones that are trying to survive with the little action that they currently have.

There will be several new hotels, casinos, restaurants and massive shopping centers that will be opening in Las Vegas before the end of 2009. The City center is likely the biggest project that will be opening and will house one of Las Vegas’ largest hotels, casinos and of course shopping facilities.

The completion of the City center will likely bring some action to Las Vegas as a city but it will also harm the other hotels on the strip because the people visiting the new MGM development may have taken there reservations and their money to one of the other hotels that were currently in existence.

In a normal or good economy the creation of new hotels creates healthy competition and contributes to a thriving economy and hotels can bounce customers off of each other but in an economy that is bottoming out new venues leave much to be desired for the other players in town.

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