New Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

The city council has approved plans for a new hotel to be built in the downtown city core of Las Vegas. The center part of the city was quite a popular tourist attraction in the early seventies but has since settled and become more than old news. In an attempt to revive some of the city core there was a suggestion made to build a brand new hotel in the center.

The one hundred and fifty million dollar project was approved but a strong suggestion was imposed that said that during a time of recession such as the time we are in right now it would be considered wise to put a hold on the project due to the demanding costs associated with the building.

The builder of the projected has been contracted to developer Forest City who has agreed to take on the building of the structure in a not so shabby exchange for over a 6 acre portion of Union park.

Construction in the entire city of Las Vegas has come to a bit of halt in recent months but as the economy betters the city argues that fixing up the downtown area would be essential to bettering the entire city as a whole.

Perhaps attracting tourists to the area of downtown will make for a larger amount of visitors in the city and expand the parameters for visits to areas other than the strip which currently attracts 90% of all those that fly into the Las Vegas airport on a daily basis.

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