New Hotel Off Las Vegas Strip

There is a new hotel that just opened in Las Vegas amidst a not so pleasant economic time that not only the city of Las Vegas has been facing but rather the rest of the US and even the remainder of the world as well. The new player in town will be known as the “M Resort, Spa and Casino”, this 1 billion dollar project was just recently completed and opened its doors to the public on Sunday.

The hotel is located ten miles away from the strip in the south direction. There are a total of 390 rooms which are mostly suites. The owner mentioned when speaking to the press that he is happy that the hotel is smaller than the thousand room hotels that are on the strip because during a time like this it will be much less to worry about since he will only have fewer than four hundred rooms to fill.

The idea behind this hotel is to attract mostly local clientele as well as those that will be driving thru into Vegas from California and are looking for a fancy but intimate destination rather than all the lights and glamour and busy atmosphere that the strip has to offer.

The hotel has a luxurious spa, nine restaurants which have several high end a la carte options as well as a buffet restaurant as many other Vegas hotels consider a staple. The nightly rates per room currently start at 109 dollars with packages available for short trips or long stay.

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