New Tower with Great Prices in Las Vegas

There is a new hotel tower that is opening just off the strip this month and introductory rates are definitely something to talk about. The new tower belonging to the Hard Rock Hotel offers room rates at extremely low prices with an attempt to fill this 490 room Paradise Tower with some desirable guests.

The plans to build the tower began well before the crisis that the American economy has been experiencing since about this time last year. The whole city had many construction projects on the go and many of them were actually put on hold once the economy basically came to a complete halt.

The hotel and casino are located off the strip so times are even tougher for them than those casinos and hotels that are physically on the strip. The off strip hotels usually get quite a bit of business because typically the strip hotels are busy and have higher prices. But since traffic is slower all around the off strip hotels are really feeling the blow.

If you are thinking of heading to Vegas and getting a real value for your buck I would seriously consider this destination. While being off the strip it is still quite centrally located so people that are new to Vegas and want a great deal should seriously consider this hotel. Its new, fresh and exciting and complete with a rock and roll tattoo theme that is sure to please the young crowd looking for a new spot to check out and enjoy.

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