New Transportation Proposal May Overshadow Maglev

In an attempt to improve American railways, officials are planning to build a train passage between Las Vegas and Los Angeles for high speed travel between the two metropolitan giants. However, this new transportation proposal conflicts with another plan to build a “Maglev” (magnetic leviatation) train that travels between Anaheim and Las Vegas that has been in the works for 30 years.

The senator of Nevada recently voiced his support for the high speed plan, withdrawing his support for the maglev project. The plan was drawn up by DesertXPress Enterprises, which plans to build the corridor for a high speed railway based on a European style. Developing this system would greatly reduce the traffic, delays and vehicle accidents that regularly occur on the I-15, which is the reason officials are saying that this proposal is possibly the most important development in Nevada’s transportation history since the I-15 was built.

The proposed system would run on 150 miles per hour for nearly 200 miles from Victorville, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. It would cost $4 billion, a much less expensive alternative to the maglev. Although the Maglev has proven to be highly successful in many countries around the globe, including Japan, Germany and China, it is the more expensive alternative. Officials are estimating that building a Maglev system would cost upwards of $12 billion.

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