No Doubt Starts Off 2009 Tour in Las Vegas

You may have noticed that popular pop/rock band No Doubt has taken a break and been off of the main wavelengths in the last little while. But the band has recently come back together and is set to open their tour in Las Vegas this year.

Gwen Stefani, who is the lead singer for the band has been quite busy on her little hiatus from the band. She has managed to have two children, released two very successful albums and has also launched a fashion line complete with leather goods as well as a perfume that is available for purchase all throughout high end retailers in North America.

Gwen says that she is excited to start in city like Las Vegas having all the glitz and glamour that any show would love for their opening night. She says that the number one focus of the show will be the fans and she really looks forward to everything that this new experience will bring.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for tourists and locals to seek out their concerts and other theatrical events. Concerts have a history of selling out because they are exposed to both the local population as well as the large community of tourists that frequent the city from all over the world. Also because of its close proximity to LA, Las Vegas is only a hop, skip and jump from all of what Hollywood has to offer.

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