One Man Show for Las Vegas Sands

It’s no secret that the Las Vegas Sands corporation has been experiencing some difficult times the past year due primarily to a weakening economy. Earlier this week the company announced some more news that they are claiming will change the direction they are going to the positive. William Wiedner will be leaving the company and his role of operating chief and handing the reigns onto Sheldon Adelson who is currently the CEO and majority share holder for the company at the present time.

The Las Vegas Sands as well as many other casino operators in the US and throughout the world have been experiencing quite a tough time in this unforgiving economy where travel and tourism are often times the first to suffer, not to mention they are also they industries that feel the hardest and more immediate blow.

The CEO explains that he is happy about this change and there were rumours that there was conflict arising from the two streams of leadership. He is happy that there will be one voice of direction now and hopes that the company turns a new leaf.

This week the company has experienced its lowest point in terms stock price. The stock is below a $1.50 and there are rumours that bankruptcy is a darkened possibility. The CEO explains that this prediction is not theirs by any means and is hopeful that the next month will bring some positive changes.

The hotels continue to stand strong and entertain each and every patron that walks through the doors and stays at the wonderful hotel and casinos.

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