Paris’s Dreams Crushed in Las Vegas

Paris Hilton is a popular guest of Las Vegas and always makes a great big party out of any place that she appears. But this weekend it wasn’t Paris who was making the main appearance.

World renowned soccer (football for some) player Ronaldo was the main event in Sin City this weekend as he made an appearance at several of Las Vegas’ hottest night clubs and was seen in some intimate moments with several young ladies.

The soccer player has been rumoured to be in a relationship with Paris Hilton but apparently such is not exactly the case as the sports athlete was getting quite cozy with the other ladies and was even reported to be entering his hotel room with them at the end of the night.

But him and Paris have one thing in common and that is their taste for all things nice. Ronaldo spent his weekend at staying at one of the nicest suites at the Palm Resort and Casino in a suite that ran him a nightly bill of over $11,000 per night!

Looks like the soccer player is doing okay and able to enjoy all the luxuries and amenities that the beautiful city of Las Vegas has to offer someone of this type of calibre.

If you are interested in checking out the room that he stayed in for a fun filled weekend for your and your friends you can visit the Palms website where you will find all the contact information that you may require.

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