Pinball Hall of Fame Relocates to the Strip

Las Vegas isn’t all casinos and nightlife. Little did many of us know that Las Vegas is home to the Pinball Hall of Fame, which houses over 1000 vintage pinball machines. The pinball museum currently sits a few miles away from the Las Vegas strip, but owner Tim Arnold has recently announced that it is being moved much closer to the action to make its existence known.

Las Vegas’ selection of interesting and unique museum includes the Hollywood Movie Museum, Guinness World Records Museum and the Liberace Museum, all of which are on the Las Vegas Strip. Now, tourists and locals alike will have another museum to explore. It’s been here all along, and now it will be much more accessible!

The Pinball Hall of Fame was opened in 2006. A completely unique endeavor, it’s out of the way location is only reason the landmark sees about 300 customers per day. Many of them are actually recovering gambling addicts looking for a substitute for casinos, while others are pinball aficionados who come from all over the country to see the vast collection of pinball machines.

Arnold doesn’t charge admission, so you can play all of his unique and historic pinball machines for free! The money he does make from the machines is donated to various charities, leading the City of Las Vegas to name him a local hero.

The new location, 1610 E. Tropicana, will be open to the public in 3 months time. So, keep an eye out for it!

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