Reality TV Show to Feature Las Vegas

The popular TV show Top Chef starts its sixth season off in about a week. The show Top Chef: Las Vegas will premiere on the Bravo network on August 26th. The reality TV show is competition between 17 specially selected candidates that compete in food making and cooking competition on a weekly basis that eventually make one of the contestants a winner and crowned the Top Chef of the season.

This seasons show will be taking place in Las Vegas and will have guest appearances from many of the city’s top chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Nigella Lawson, and Tyler Florence. There will be other star appearances with famous people such as Natalie Portman among others as well.

The reality show wouldn’t be complete without some type casted personalities, members of the cast and contestants include a yeller and screamer, a soar loser, an anger man, a hot female and a little bit of everything else in between.

The shows sees the contestants perform in food making competitions on every episode and at the end of each show a member of the contestants is voted out. Then the top chef of that show is rewarded with a prize.

The winner of the entire season wins 100,000 dollars in cash, 100,000 in spending money at Macys, and a featured page in food and wine magazine which is considered to the be crème de la crème in the food and drink industry. This season is sure to be a good one, especially since it is in Vegas so mark your calendar and tune in.

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