Really Big Winner at Las Vegas Casino

Almost everyone thinks that this could never happen to them and the truth is your chances are extremely slim. But for Rachel Romanick the lucky day was this past Sunday when she one a $33 million dollar jackpot by playing on a slot machine at the Terrible’s Rail City Casino casino in Las Vegas.

The lucky lady was playing on the slot machine for just ten minutes when she hit it bigger than she could ever imagine.

This wins is one of the biggest wins in history for the state of Nevada. The Biggest slot win was in the Excalibur casino on the strip for a total sum of nearly 40 million dollars just about 6 years ago.

This weekends jackpot was hit playing $3 per spin and was won on the Megabucks progressive jackpot machines that are available throughout many casinos in Las Vegas.

The player claims that she absolutely could not believe her eyes and had to ask other casino players if this was really happening to her.

The casino that she won the jackpot at is actually going out of business but the jackpot is insured and will certainly be paid out to the player.

The casino is quite happy that a Las Vegas resident had won this jackpot and are glad that they could be part of this experience for Rachel and her family.

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