Sales by the Las Vegas Sands

There are reports that the Las Vegas Sands are considering the sale of their Macau Casino properties. When contact, the LVS authorities would neither confirm nor deny the rumor that the entire Macau operation could be up for grabs in the near future.

There have been many stories surfacing with regards to the LVS Corporation in recent times. Since the casinos and the economy overall have not been doing well in the last year or so, many companies are having to liquidate and land based casinos are now struggling to hold onto investments that they have had for years previous.

The whole casino industry has been taken by storm due to the downturn in the economy. LVS has been hit particularly hard because the company has several operations that were under construction when all the trouble began and travel has also affected the industry.

LVS is also currently rumored to be selling off retail property in Macau. Again this is something that LVS reps are not reporting on directly but the word is that it there has not been much interest in those properties that are available for sale.

The casino industry in Las Vegas itself tends to do better in the spring and summer months than it does in the future. The hope is that this next season will bring some good news not only to this casino and retail giant but to the city as a whole.

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