Simon Can See “X Factor” in Las Vegas

Simon Cowell is famous for many things these days but mainly famous for his role as the Judge that you love but some hate on TV’s very popular and very watched American Idol. Cowell is also one of the people that is hugely responsible for the success of the “The X Factor” which is a very popular singing competition in the UK.

Simons next move is to bring the X factor to American TV and give it a go in Las Vegas. He said “ how alluring would it be to let participants know, you have made it on to perform in Las Vegas!!”. Critics are saying that this may in fact be a great move and steer the other competing show “Americas Got Talent” into forms of talent that are other than singing.

Talks have begun to see if this will actually hold true and come forth to reality. In the meantime those winners from Americas Got talent have also made it to Las Vegas but in a different way. It is interesting to see these shows evolve and how big stars can be made out of regular people just like you and me!

And as life changing as the experiences that these shows offer, it is also great entertainment for those that are simply interested in watching the shows from home on TV. Many just want to know that the shows are taking place in cities that they can identify with and have been to those places in the past!

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