Some Things to Do While Visiting Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is a great place to visit! Everyone is happy to go and spend a few days there every once and again! But many go to Las Vegas, arrive on the strip and think that there is nothing other than the hotels and casinos and end up spending all their time there without even checking out the other great elements that Vegas and the surrounding area has to offer!

So here are a few things that you should consider doing if you are going to be in the Las Vegas area in the next little while:

Visit some nature! The Springs Preserve is a beautiful area that used to have a ton of water in it but has since dried up and left some lovely trails and beautiful nature that lead to breathtaking views. This area is also 100% gamble free so the only green that you will be seeing is of the lovely surroundings.

See the city from above: Take a helicopter tour of the sand caves and coves! The Hoover Dam is one of the most famous landmarks and is always beautiful! It may be a once in a lifetime experience and is well worth the couple hundred bucks that it costs to see nature at its best – as long as you can stomach the ride!

Enjoy the luxuries! Other than the casinos there are so many beautiful spas and other luxurious experiences that you can partake in! Consider doing a golf day on some of the most beautiful golf courses. Enjoy a spa day or simply enjoy a day of eating by visiting some of the worlds best restaurants and tasting a bit of everything on the menu!

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