The City of Lights Promises to Power Off

Las Vegas being most definitely regarded as the city of lights promises to power off and turn off as many lights as possible in an effort to save the world and power off during earth hour as the rest of the world also unites in worldwide hour without light.

This year earth hour will take place on March 28th at 8:30pm. With this event that began in Australia a few years ago, the mayor of Las Vegas had many doubts that this city would join in. But the casinos on the strip all agreed in a pleasant surprise as they have promised that they too will out the lights for this one hour of the year to stand united with the remainder of the world in a fight against climate change and global warming.

Organizers of the event are hoping that the remainder of the city of Las Vegas will follow the lead of the strip and do their part in keeping the earth as green as possible. The event follows the already widespread attempt to make the year a greener in every way.

As conventions roll through Las Vegas, the strip and the convention center everything this year points towards a greener direction. With the economy taking a more than usual hit, many think that trying to save every where they possibly can, would be a great start in the right direction.

So where do you plan to be on March 28th at 8:30pm? Where ever it is if you dedicate this hour to your planet it is sure to pay that same respect forward and in result directly back to you.

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