The Las Vegas Swimming Pools

While there are certainly many things to enjoy in Las Vegas one of the best summer attractions has to be the many swimming pools that the city strip has to offer their visitors. From mist spraying at you to cool you off to poolside blackjack tables that satisfy the gambling urge while soaking in some rays! The pools in Las Vegas offer it all and here is a bit about our favourites that you should definitely check out if you plan to be in the Las Vegas area.

The Mandalay Bay Beach: This pool is called the Beach and that is exactly what it is, there is everything that you can ever imagine, including a wave pool and a lazy river and for those that are of age there is even a topless section that you can enjoy. The pool can get very busy especially on the hot days so remember to get there early to reserve a seat.

The Venetian pools are also something that you can write home about. They are full of beautiful people no matter when you are there and there plush lavish lounge chairs that are available for every guest. You can arrange for room service to bring down your own towels and have the seat waiting for you when you are ready.

There is also something to be seen at the mirage! Here you will find so many pools that you wont know where to start. The massive property is basically surrounded by water and it is all there for you to enjoy.

No matter where you go just make sure to bring your bathing suit because you are sure to find a pool or two to enjoy.

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