The Las Vegas Top 50

Those that thought they were getting a review of the best restaurants or places to visit in Las Vegas are largely mistaken. The most recent Vegas top 50 list is nowhere close to a list on where to go, in fact this newest list is privy only to law enforcement and holds the names of Las Vegas’ most prolific hookers that walk and work the Las Vegas strip.

So much for making prostitution legal in the city of lights, entertainment and action, Las Vegas police have developed a list of the 50 most popular and wanted hookers that they are trying to catch and imprison as part of a new street cleanup effort entitled VETO which stands for Vice Enforcement Top Offenders .

Most of the women on the list are under 30 years of age and have been previously arrested for random crimes such as loitering; stealing, and trespassing and some already have previous charges of prostitution. The unfortunate problem with this is that the issue is a huge problem with Las Vegas as a whole not only the area concentrated on by this program which is the strip of famous hotels and entertainment.

These 50 females have been banned from all hotels on the strip and have a warrant out for their arrest. Las Vegas is attempting to clean up their city one step at a time and many are agreeing that strip is a good place to start in order to spread the message to those aspiring to end up there.

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