The Upcoming Year for Las Vegas

Many are curious about what 2009 has in store for the US as a whole. People are also wondering what this new year will bring for Las Vegas. Unfortunately for us, we do not have the exact answer to that question and if anyone had the exact answer to that question than many problems would be resolved at a much faster rate and things would quickly turn around.

As for what we do actually know with some certainty, there are several plans in the works for Las Vegas. The largest and most well known project for the city will without a doubt be the CityCenter. A project that has already started and has high hopes of seeing completion by the end of 2009. This will likely be a booster in the economy for the city as the completion requires over 12,000 jobs to filled in order for things to operate successfully.

With many small projects coming up in the city as well the focus is more than likely to fall on the CityCenter as it begins its middle stages of construction and preparation to open in the end of 2009. One of the towers in the new landscape will feature a hotel that is all luxury minus the gambling and (while this might surprise for Las Vegas) it will also be a fully NON-smoking building. Rumour has it that many other hotels are considering forbidding smoking in certain areas of the their hotels as well with the hopes of eventually moving to a smoke free hotel in its entirety (chances are this won’t happen for a very, very long time).

The other parts of the CityCenter will have a massive shopping center filled with shops and restaurants for almost any craving that a visitor coming to Las Vegas may desire. The other hotel towers will feature several elements, a tower geared only to the very elite and high end visitor with high limit gambling and amenities that the everyday man just simply could not afford.

The CityCenter is sure to attract many and will likely be a very unique and beautiful destination that will entice visitors to travel from all places throughout the world.

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