Vegas Art Museum Closure

The Las Vegas Art Museum will be closing this Saturday. The museum is among one of the many culturally attractions that is closing throughout the city of Las Vegas as well as throughout the remainder of the United States in the current state of this economy that the world is facing. The Museum has been open and operating in Las Vegas since 1997 and has had fair attendance in the beginning of its existence but has dwindled down in recent years.

Libby Lumpkin who was the Museums executive directive had resigned several months ago when word was announced of the budget cuts throughout the entire company and that there would be reduced salaries and a salary freeze throughout the whole entire company.

The museum functions primarily on the donations of American citizens and companies in the surrounding area with the downturn in the economy donations have been running short over the last period in time. Since it is just a bad time all around the company simply cannot afford to continue to function and pay all the employees.

The museum featured artwork from several American artists as well as some pieces from abroad. While this news has saddened many, there is just no way to keep the company running as it used to. Perhaps a new one will open in its place in years to come once the country has again stabilized and comes around. The culturally entertaining industry is often times the first to suffer when something like this happens. Companies that look for donations to run their businesses always feel the worst end of the stick when the country faces a poor economy.

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