Vegas Can’t Handle the CityCenter

While the idea of the CityCenter seemed exciting and great for the first few years of planning and even more so when the project first broke ground. The question that many are asking themselves and other sources now is, Can Vegas handle the CityCenter? Unfortunately the scary answer to some of the questions is actually no!

The CityCenter that is yet to be completed sits on a total of 76 acres of land making it the biggest developed building combined project in the US. The hotel and residences is really all a small city but on a strip with so much going on already and the market would really have to be at its complete peak in order to occupy all the rooms that this hotel actually has available.

The problem lies almost any direction that one would look. The project has already cost millions and millions and millions of dollars. There deadline for completion is only weeks away if they are still aiming for a December opening and they are knee high in debt from start to finish.

Projects like this one rely heavily on the economy in question and until it changes for the better and stays so for quite some time it will be interesting to see what the owners of this one will do to recoup their losses and try to move forward. In the meantime, it is sure to be a beauty once it is completed so if you are planning a trip to Vegas in the beginning of next year be sure to check it out!

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