Vegas Casinos vs. iPhone

Perhaps Vegas Casinos have nothing personal against the iPhone but the application that the phone can currently enable can put the casino operator at an even bigger loss than they are already currently feeling do to the economy.

While it is already a widespread notion that cell phone use is not permitted near any gambling table game whether it be blackjack or poker and so on. It is now known that the iPhone has a card counting application that would allow players to count cards while playing blackjack if they were extremely well versed in using their device in a discreet nature.

While card counting is not illegal it is not appreciated in Las Vegas as a whole and casinos are allowed to ask players that they believe partake in card counting to leave the premises.

So an easier answer may be to ban smart phones and PDA devices from appearing anywhere near the table games altogether. The large poker tournaments have already banned the iPhone for this exact reason.

Technology is advancing faster and faster with every day and people have ability to know exactly what the phones will be capable of next. With trust always being an issue many do believe that it is just better if players and gamblers leave their techie items at the door before getting ready to play at the tables. And with games being in the casinos favour to begin with the Las Vegas casinos are looking to keep as much money inside as they possibly can.

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