Vegas Over Budget

There are very few industries in the world these days that are simply immune to the economy. Most businesses thrive in a booming economy and most slow when the economy is rocky. When the phenomenon that Las Vegas has become first entered the world of travel and tourism in the 1940′s it was luckily one of those things that just could not be weakened by a bad economy. No matter what the financial state, the city was always busy and money was flowing in, no matter what.

It seems that those days are completely gone as Las Vegas is experiencing one of the worst economic situations to date. Most of all, the projects that were planned and started before this recession that we are currently in, are now none other than way over budget. The biggest project of all might just be the new and completely uncompleted city center.

The city center was planned just as Las Vegas was experiencing some of the highest points ever. The multiple building project which included hotels, spas, restaurants, residences and the ultimate shopping center had just been in the beginning stages when the financial landscape started crashing down.

And the sad truth is, the project has now run into millions of dollars over budget without an end in sight. The plans are to keep moving forward but perhaps at a much slower speed and the eye soar of the buildings that are incomplete will continue to be there for a long time.

But as history hopefully repeats itself, Vegas too is hoping for a bounce back and sometime in (fingers crossed) near future the city will thrive again and business will go back to what it was just a few short months ago.

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