Vegas Slogan Making a Come Back

So we have all heard that “What Happens in Vegas…”, well that was the slogan that sold the city and apparently coming back to the slogan is something that is coming back because the new slogans simply aren’t working for the city nearly as close as the slogan that has counted to ring around the world.

New slogans have been tested and tried to get people to visit the city and try to wrap up what Vegas is all about in a few words, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same affect. The latest have been “crazy times call for crazy fun” which doesn’t really leave all too much for the imagination and the other latest is “Vegas right now” which sends the message that there is something going on but doesn’t exactly light a fire under anyone.

The same geniuses that are responsible for the ads behind NIKE as well as those that made McDonalds get to where it is today say that going back to “what happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas” will increase awareness and give people back the familiar phrase that they are used that always made them excited about the city to begin with.

We’ll see if moving back to the ad will do anything for the city but everyone is agreeing that there is no sense in fixing something that isn’t broken. This saying keeps people talking and that’s just what the city wants so if more people are talking about Vegas there shouldn’t be a problem with getting them there!

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